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Sunday reading 3/18/12

I’ve spent the morning trying to write a blurb for “Phoenix.” Once I’ve finally got it straight, I’ll put it up here. That should be, erm, within the next few days. I really wish writing marketing materials was half as fun as writing stories.

The sky was gray when I started. It’s now blue. Perfect weather for a spring hike, but first, as promised, a story recommendation. Today, “River Bride,” by Nghi Vo, at Expanded Horizons. I’m drawn both to the point of view character and the river herself. There’s a sense of wonder and of confidence to them that I find very pleasing.


Sunday reading 3/11/12

First, in a tiny bit of geekery glee, “Phoenix” has an ebook ISBN! Years of library work taught me to love ISBNs, and now my story has one.

(Admitted, that is just a weird thing to be excited about.)

If you’re looking for something to read on this lazy Sunday afternoon, consider “Nightfall in the Scent Garden,” by Claire Humphrey. I’ve read it three times this weekend (because three is the magic number), and still love it. It is, I think, a wonderful example of the beauty of precise imagery, as well as being full of bone-deep yearning.

I’m going to try to point out a story every Sunday, partly because there’s so much good stuff available online, and partly because I’m a reader, and readers like to share. I’m also open to suggestions, so please feel free to shoot me an email if you know a story I might enjoy.


Hope is a challenging concept when you’ve suffered from depression for well over half your life. I suspect there are some writers out there who cope by writing happy things. I write dark things with endings that feel optimistic to me.

“Phoenix” was born from a single line: The thing about stories is they’ve got to have hope. As a story, I’d say it’s less like my short stories and more like my novels (and comes in at novelette length). There’s a good reason for that. The details I used in writing it came from an older story about one of the characters in the novels.

That connection is one of the reasons that I’m excited to say that “Phoenix” has a home! It will be available as an ebook through Musa Publishing on May 11. I’ll have more to say about it when the date comes closer. For now, here’s to hope found in unlikely places!