Home again, home again

The title kind of says it all.

However, if you want more, it was a good trip. There were seals, and spider crabs, and clams that we watched burrow into the sand, and more seals, and whales, and, cue Jaws music, a large shark cruising right along the shore while my husband and daughter walked on the water’s edge. There are no pictures, not mine at least, because I am the sort of person who would put a camera down in the sand and forget it completely until the tide came in and washed it away, if anyone were foolish enough to give me a camera.

And now it’s over, and the sunlight tells me fall is racing its way here, and…sigh. It is hard to let go of summer.

I spent too much time thinking about a project that I really shouldn’t start, but will probably have to now. Some stories wait politely in line, some shove their way to the front and argue loudly until I agree to write them. More on it later, when I’ve slept in my own bed a night or two, and the cats no longer have to cling to me and tell me how terrible I was to ever leave them.

In the meantime, if you’ve had a vacation this summer, please, tell me about it. I’m a better reader than writer at the moment.


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