Today it is hot.

Much too hot to sit in front of a computer, actually. At least my computer in my house. Instead, I’m off to travel the parched Massachusetts countryside in search of water to dangle my feet in.

Or something like that. Is it hot where you are? Does it make you sluggish, or inspire you to write about drought apocalypses? Tell me. I want to know. I tend to write the weather into everything I do, which makes it a challenge to revise things out of season. In theory I know all about snow, but I’m having a hard time reaching my cold place at the moment.

Comments are open today.

5 responses to “Weather

  • Marcia Passos Duffy

    Revising a post-apocalyptic weather scene in my novel now about hail the size of fists. Still not keeping me cool — but the AC in my office is … 😉

  • M.E. Garber

    Try going dressed for the weather to an overly AC’ed coffee shop or library to write. I guarantee you’ll get in touch with your inner blizzard! I know I always do…but then again, I’m cold-blooded, I think, since I tend to like it 85F and humid.

    • cosmicdriftwood

      I did end up in a grocery store that was, I think, going for a frozen arctic tundra kind of thing with their AC today. Unfortunately, it didn’t stick with me. We seem to have missed all the thunderstorms and, more importantly, rain that we were supposed to get today.

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